How We Fix Clogged Drains for an Office Building in Kuala Lumpur [Case Study]

How We Fixed Clogged Drains for an Office Building in KL

We recently completed a successful case study at an office building in Kuala Lumpur, where we were able to solve a major problem of clogged drains. This case study is a great example of how we are able to resolve plumbing issues for our clients.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the before, during and after stages of this job. We will also discuss how we were able to reach a successful conclusion and why this case study is an example of our expertise in plumbing.

Problem Statement

The client, a large office building in Kuala Lumpur, approached our team at My Plumber with an urgent request to tackle a persistent clogging issue. The blockage was affecting their operations and normal functioning on a daily basis and inconveniencing their staff.

The team made an initial assessment of the plumbing system and other equipment used for drainage purposes. It revealed that the drainpipes themselves were not clogged but there was an accumulation of debris and other solid objects such as chewing gum, dirt, uneaten food particles, etc. near the entry points of the pipes causing a slow flow of water which eventually led to regular blockages along different sections of the pipes.

Equipped with this understanding, our experienced technicians began working toward a solution on day one by carefully assessing various factors such as water pressure and pipe width to gauge its severity. After numerous tests and experiments with different equipment such as specialized cleaning tools, chemical cleaners and high-pressure water jets were employed to locate and remove foreign material from within the pipes resulting in successful removal of all obstructions while preserving integrity of drainage systems without causing any destruction or damage to any part of the structure or plumbing fixtures.

Scope of the Project

The scope of the case study project was to create a comprehensive plan to remedy recurring issues with plumbing and drainage in an office building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This building consists of 3 round towers with multiple levels each and the interior space is primarily offices and other business spaces. The main issue with the plumbing in the building is that certain pipes are blocked, resulting in water draining slowly or not at all.

The project was scheduled over two months and required trenchless technology solutions to repair and maintain the pipes without having to remove them from service or excavate.

Our plumbers from Kuala Lumpur offered a comprehensive solution featuring four steps:

  1. Initial flow survey
  2. Embedding special e-injector technology via 5 nodal points around the perimeter of each tower
  3. Applying polyester liner throughout all existing pipes using our proprietary process known as Pipedrive Relief System (PRS)
  4. Pressure testing each floor for functionality

We also provided regular maintenance services throughout the term of the contract including regularly flushing pipe systems, pressure testing again after three months, replacing old or worn-out parts as necessary and training technicians onsite for our PRS pipe lining procedure that allows repairs without necessarily digging up portions of a building’s landscape.


In order to successfully fix the office building’s clogged drains, it was important to accurately diagnose the issue. We began by conducting a survey of the space and using a camera to look inside the drains. After our initial survey, we had a better idea of the underlying problem and knew what steps needed to be taken to resolve it.

We then used a range of professional tools to

  • inspect and fix the pipes,
  • loosen the clog, and
  • unblock the drains.

Inspection of the Drainage System

Prior to commencing the unclogging of the drains, an inspection of the entire drainage system with a CCTV camera was conducted to identify the cause of obstruction. This is vital when diagnosing drainage-related issues such as clogged drains. During our initial inspection, we were able to confirm that a hairball was lodged in one branch of the trunk piping leading all the way down the basement.

The CCTV camera inspection provided us with an in-depth view and analysis which enabled us to determine where exactly the blockage was and what needs to be done. A range of drain unblocking techniques including jetting, electro-mechanical cutting and rodding were then applied as a means to clear out debris from within the pipework system.

In addition, special attention was given towards covering up exposed manholes and pipes, ensuring that there is no further seepage or unreasonable smell emanating from them after completion of the job. Furthermore, extensive post-cleaning procedures were conducted on those areas that had been inspected with our CCTV cameras; these processes included flushing out water and scraping away any residues left behind before refilling with sand and cement mixture for freshness purposes.

Assessment of the Problem

To determine the best course of action for unclogging the drains in this office building, a comprehensive assessment of the issue was carried out. The initial probing revealed that a clog was blocking the pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms. To confirm this finding, a remote-controlled camera was inserted into the plumbing system to take detailed photos for further investigation.

On further inspection, it appeared that waste materials had accumulated over time due to neglect, resulting in blockages in multiple locations of the piping system. Other contributing factors included greases and oils that had been washed down sinks and gritty sediments that have been building up over time due to hard water deposits. The combination of these different factors created an environment conducive to both clogs and corrosion throughout the plumbing system.

Once we had obtained a thorough understanding of what we were dealing with, our team formulated a plan to repair and upgrade all defective parts in order to provide long-term solutions for both clogs and corrosion prevention. A new high-grade stainless steel drainage system was installed with modern features such as water reductions methods like traps with lids attached on all appliances connected directly to draining systems (Dishwashers, washing machines, etc). All existing defective parts have been upgraded or replaced (PVC Pipes & other pipe fitting) accordingly after verifying functionality tests through manual downspout flushing process & backflow traps testings under industry authorized standards (BS EN 12056).


Our team of experienced plumbers was tasked with the challenge of unclogging a large office building’s main drain in Kuala Lumpur. We knew it would be a tough job, but our team was up for the task.

The first step we took was to assess the situation and determine what measures needed to be taken to solve the issue. After careful consideration, we came up with a solution to unclog the drain.

Planning the Work

Planning the work for a plumbing project is one of the most important steps you can take as a plumber. Before beginning any plumbing job, it is essential to plan out each step and make sure you have the right tools, materials, and equipment to get the job done correctly.

Our team faced the challenge of unclogging drains for an office building in Kuala Lumpur. We began by inspecting all drain lines thoroughly to identify possible clogging points from grease buildup and foreign objects. During our inspection, we identified a few areas that had been clogged by food debris or other foreign objects such as hair – causing blockage in various places throughout the building’s drainage system.

Once we identified these blockages, our team used our specialized cameras to figure out exactly which point was affected within each line. We then planned out each step which included:

  • Gathering necessary tools and equipment required;
  • Outlining how to best access affected points; and
  • Deducing how long it would take (including prep time) to unclog those drains over two days of work.

After careful consideration of our limited resources and budget, we concluded that using drain snakes over drain cleaners was our most practical solution – saving us time and money while still allowing us to do an effective job at unblocking these drains properly with minimal damage to existing pipes or floors. Once everything was ready, our teams went onsite for two days of successful pipe cleaning that removed all major clogs from the office building’s drainage system!

Carrying Out the Work

Once our plan was approved by the customer, we moved forward quickly with the work. We began by completely disconnecting all pipes from the sink in order to gain access to the pipe that was clogged. We then used powerful sewer jetting equipment to clear out debris from the pipework, as well as an automated drain camera to inspect and confirm its effectiveness of the cleaning process.

When all of these steps were completed, we re-connected everything and tested for water flow again. This allowed us to check for any potential problems or blockages in a secure environment before completing the repair process. Finally, we checked that everything had been correctly fitted and gave one last scan with our camera system before installing permanent gaskets around each joint seal.

The customer was absolutely delighted with how quickly and professionally our team resolved their issue and they have since become regular clients of ours – it’s great to see a project turn out so positively after receiving someone’s call for help! We are always happy to help customers solve any plumbing challenges that they may be facing in their day-to-day lives!


Our plumbing team successfully fixed the clogged drains in the office building in Kuala Lumpur within the given timeline. After detailed analysis, we identified and addressed the issue with a precision and cost-effective solution. We managed to deliver the best quality of service and achieve the desired results for our client.

In this case study, we will outline how we went about accomplishing this task:


Our satisfied customers often share their experiences of how My Plumber is able to provide effective solutions to their plumbing problems. Here are some of the comments they had:

  • “My Plumber was quick to respond to our emergency call and the drainage system was unclogged in no time! All the staff were professional, friendly and courteous – a job well done!” – Joe Tan, Facilities Manager
  • “We have been experiencing a recurring issue with blocked drains in our office building. After engaging My Plumber, it has managed to solve the problem. The staff carried out the work quickly and efficiently – we are very impressed with their service!” – Joan Lim, Head of Operations
  • “My Plumber provided an excellent service and kept us informed throughout the entire process. As a result, we have not experienced a recurrence of this particular plumbing problem. Highly recommended!” – David Ng, Business Owner


This case study was a successful example of the services our plumber provides to clients in the Kuala Lumpur area. We were able to locate and unclog the drain quickly and at a reasonable cost. Despite the difficult conditions, the job was completed within the estimated timeline. With our experienced team and modern technology, we were able to provide a quality and efficient service that our client was happy with.

In conclusion, this case study has shown us that our plumber is able to provide a quality service in difficult conditions.

Summary of the Project

This case study describes the successful project undertaken by My Plumber in Kuala Lumpur for an office building with a clogged drain. The project included an inspection process to determine the source of the obstruction, a plan for rectifying the problem, and the execution of that plan. Throughout this case study, My Plumber demonstrates that it is one of Kuala Lumpur’s best plumbing and drain cleaning companies.

The project began with a detailed inspection of the office building’s drains after which we identified a large number of objects causing obstructions. Among these items were paper towels, grease and other debris that had accumulated in the pipes over time and blocked them completely. Our team members proceeded with their work with utmost professionalism as they removed all signs of clogging from Bathroom No 5 (first floor) and flushed down hot water to ensure proper functioning afterward.

The second stage was to initiate a solution for blocking any further items from entering the pipes through modifications made in Bathroom No 5 itself. We proceeded to install new Marley Modern steel traps around every sink in order to prevent clogging from recurring any time soon. Finally, we suggested effective maintenances tips like washing sinks with vinegar or pouring hot water down each week and educating employees about what can’t be blocked down drains and disposed off via proper waste management services.

In conclusion, My Plumber is proud to have adds another remarkable addition into its list of successful case studies after being chosen as one among many experienced plumbers here in Kuala Lumpur. We successfully managed all stages under one roof—inspection, solution rectification (installation), maintenance recommendations, etc.—essentially showing our customers why they should trust us when dealing with plumbing issues now or later!

Benefits of the Solution

The solution chosen by My Plumber involved a combination of mechanical and chemical methods, with the ultimate aim of reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. The results were overwhelmingly positive, as the office building was able to efficiently handle any and all plumbing issues in a timely manner.

In addition, the following benefits ensured that the job was completed to the highest standard:

  • Improved safety protocols: All workers were briefed prior to entering the premises on safe working practices, in order to protect themselves and reduce risk of injury.
  • Reduced water bill costs: By targeting specific clogs more precisely, My Plumber was able to significantly reduce water bills for the office building by using suitable chemicals that removed clogs with only minimal use of water.
  • Minimized downtime: Thanks to appropriate mechanical equipment and experienced personnel, My Plumber completed all needed repairs/maintenance in an expedited manner without compromising on quality or safety. This reduced overall downtime for the building’s operations.
  • Increased efficiency: With resources deployed optimally and quickly resolving any plumbing issues, My Plumber was able to help increase efficiency within the office building which ultimately translated into cost savings for its owners/managers.